Morning News Roundup - October 20

Yesterday, in the New York Times' "New Old Age" blog, there was a comforting article about how best to cultivate a positive relationship with nursing home staff members. That relationship is an important one when you have to put a loved one in the care of someone else. The post follows one woman's struggles with one nursing home, and is encouraging if you are experiencing any difficulty in ensuring the best care for your loved one. Check out the blog - it's got some other great posts too.
Here's a fun story from CNN yesterday...600 seniors broke a world record recently by taking place in the largest senior Wii bowling tournament! In addition to the fun and record-breaking, the event was really to encourage seniors to get fit and stay active to help prevent life-altering injuries. Wii bowling is exercise in disguise!
One more news item worth checking out today comes from the Chicago Tribune. The article is called "Are baby boomers turning into outsiders?" and the author takes a poignant look at how baby boomers are approaching "has been" status more quickly than they had expected. She says, "Oh, the irony. The generation that coined the phrase "don't trust anyone over 30" is now being clobbered by their own stereotypes." Read the story to see if she's tapping into how you feel in "late middle age!"

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