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News To Know: Age Ain't Nothing But A Number, Baby

Despite belly aching by opponents, age doesn't appear to play much of a role in John McCain's bid for the Presidency. In her article, Angela Delli Santi of Associated Press describes why In her AP article, Angela Delli Santi describes why age will not impact the election bids of McCain and other older politicians. It's nice to know that these arguments aren't holding water with voters even though it seems to be the topic du jour.
Meanwhile, the presumptive nominees for the 2008 race seem to be willing to engage each other on the real problems facing the nation rather than superficial issues such as age. This weekend, McCain and Obama tussled over the best way to cure what ails the American economy in The New York Times political blog, The Caucus. We'll give this one some time before we dive in with our opinions.

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