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News To Know: Here's To You Mrs. Robinson

With a struggling economy, two wars, and a health care crisis to deal with, President Obama and the First Lady will have plenty on their plate when they move into the White House. Thankfully, one thing they'll have plenty of help with is watching their kids.
Michelle Obama's mother Marian Robinson, 71, will be moving into the White House and helping care for the Obama's two daughters. Mrs. Robinson will be just one of 3.6 million parents living with their children, and surveys show that 24% of boomers expect their parents to move in with them at some point.
Knowing they have a caring role model to look after their children has been a huge help to the Obamas during their years of campaigning and the arduous transition to the White House. Despite the new challenges facing Mrs. Robinson, she fully plans on maintaining her very active lifestyle which at one point included participating in the Senior Olympics.
Although the Obamas rave over Mrs. Robinson's caregiving abilities she fully acknowledges spoiling her grandchildren from time to time, something I'm sure they don't mind.

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