News To Know: Make Your House A Home...For Life

More and more older Americans are saying that given their choice, they'd rather continue to live in their homes rather than move. Unfortunately, many homes aren't designed to accommodate the changing capabilities and needs of their tenants. Universal design homes can do this by incorporating design features such as no step entries and wider doorways to allow easy access and promote safe and healthy living. Check out this home design which won AARP's Ethel Percy Andrus House of Freedom Award that recognized the design for highlighting "aging in place with dignity; universal design; and accommodating the needs of a family regardless of age and ability."
Home design is the first step in enabling people to age safely and vibrantly in place. The next important move is to ensure that your home is in a community that is designed to promote independence and easy access for all. If a community combines ease of mobility with abundant access to services, residents can thrive regardless of their age.

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