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News To Know: Model For Success

We've previously covered the changing perceptions on who and what is considered glamorous. Roles have been altered and as boomers grow older, their tastes continue to be catered to. In just one more example of this trend, there has been an explosion in the demand for older models. It's great to see widespread recognition of the fact that beauty is a life-long attribute.
Keeping the boom in older models in mind may be a good thing considering the tough times the economy is going through. Since 1 in 5 people 55-64 have said they are postponing retirement and 1 in 4 people 45-54 said the same, it looks like a bunch of people are going to be looking for second careers. Modeling might just be a way for some folks to help save for retirement or ignite a new career. Are you ready for your close up?

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