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News To Know: Riding The Gray Wave

So we all know that the boomers are getting ready to enter their golden years, but what you might not know about are the widespread efforts to prepare for all the changes this entails. One great example can be found in the area of driving. The driving experience will soon be very different. Driving courses can help older drivers to adjust their driving style to match their abilities, but cars will feature new designs meant to customize the driving experience and help keep older drivers on the road. New cars could feature customizable displays capable of using a larger font. Future vehicles may even be able to vary their performance based on the abilities of the driver or even forward medical records to the hospital after an accident. It's not quite the Jetsons, but it's pretty interesting.
Driving isn't the only arena that is adjusting to this massive demographic shift. From helping people to remember their medication to alerting loved ones in the event of a fall, new inventions are helping to ensure that technology allows people to age in place. It is great to see new inventions helping people to stay in the homes they love.

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