Pet Insurance: Is it Worth It?


AARP gets into the yays and nays of getting pet insurance in a Bulletin piece today. Any pet owner knows that while paying a monthly dues for pet insurance is less than appealing, trips to the vet can often be an obscene amount of money -- even sometimes more expensive than your own doc's visits:

This year, pet owners will spend nearly $13 billion on veterinary care, the American Pet Products Association estimates. That's up from about $8 billion in 2004. For many, the amount of the vet bill determines whether owners will follow through and commit to care for their pet, or just give up. According to an Associated poll released in June, 62 percent of pet owners say they are very likely to go ahead with vet care if the bill is $500; that drops to 42 percent when the cost hits $1,000. Only 35 percent say they would very likely seek care if the cost were $2,000, and 22 percent if the bill should reach $5,000. One in five pet owners polled say they worry a lot about being unable to afford the vet. And 95 percent say they have no pet insurance.

Check out why pet insurance may (or may not) be the right option for you and your furry (or otherwise!) friend.

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