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Political Ads Getting Wackier This Year?

The November 2nd election is fast approaching, and candidates are in an all-out sprint to the finish.
Each election cycle, it seems like political ads become more and more detached from talking about actual issues. For some reason, this feels like it may be an especially over-the-top year.
This isn't a partisan thing. I've seen campaigns on both sides of the aisle putting out ads that are over-the-top and even just plain odd.
Just yesterday, I saw that Canadians have entered the fray.
Have you seen some ads that have you shaking your head? That seem wackier than normal? Post a link in the comments for folks to see.
And if you want to get beyond the odd ads and to actual facts on the issues? If you want to see where candidates stand on important issues - in their own words? Go to to view voter guides in your state.
Because it shouldn't be about ads. It's about your right, your decisions, your vote.

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