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Post Debate Thoughts

Tonight's debate was certainly the friskiest we've seen so far, but unfortunately not as substantive. Yes, there was some talk about the economy, which was key for voters in South Carolina and Nevada this weekend. With the news of the stock market and a still shaky housing market, people are concerned about the economy. There was even a brief discussion about health care and the need for reform to the system. The candidates even talked about the importance of reforming Social Security for generations to come. This is all good stuff.
But the candidates spent as much time talking about the stuff people care about as they did sniping at each other. The hand to hand combat is part of the problem in Washington, these folks need to instead focus on the solutions. There's still at least three, maybe four debates left, so there's still a chance for these candidates to dig in and get to the things that really matter. We'll be watching.

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