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Power in the Numbers

An interesting press release from the Lt. Governor in South Carolina about next weekend's primary. What does he say about voters who are 65 plus? That they will be key to whatever happens. Also, he makes a nice plug for the recent AARP survey in South Carolina that showed 8 in 10 Republican voters 50 plus are undecided about who they will support in the upcoming South Carolina primary next week. Also worth mentioning here that 61 percent of Democrats are also still undecided.
Last time I checked, things were pretty tight. Probably worth talking about what folks are concerned about. And what did the recent poll say on this? About nine in ten AARP members surveyed say the issue of health care will be important in making their decision about who to vote for (96 percent of Democrats and 88 percent of Republicans), and virtually all of them say that issues related to financial security such as Social Security, incentives for savings and investment and pension protection will be important to their voting decision (97 percent of Democrats and 94 percent of Republicans).

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