AARP Cheat Sheet: Friday, October 15


( Ria van Dijk, 1977. Ms. van Dijk has been going to the same shooting gallery at the same fair since she was a 16-year-old girl. Every year, she hits the target, and every year, it takes a picture. Fascinating gallery here.)
AARP's John Rother: "Grace-Marie Turner's recent defense on this blog of the brand name drug industry's massive price hikes is riddled with inaccuracies and attempts to distract readers from reality." He's talking about Galen Institute's Turner, who released a scathing critique of AARP's recent study of prescription drug prices.
5,000 pounds of food were donated at Orlando Life@50+ this year. That's enough for 3,200 meals. I hope that wasn't all beans, though.
Lawsuits challenging the Affordable Care Act will proceed: "[Judge] Vinson appeared to signal some sympathy for the critique that the landmark healthcare legislation overextended federal power." But, "To say that something is 'novel' or 'unprecedented' does not necessarily mean that it is 'unconstitutional' or 'improper.' There may be a first time thing for anything." - Vinson.
Aftereffects of the Affordable Care Act, year one: "Earlier, an insurance company representing the center's patient ordered its client's name be removed from the transplant list. The patient had reached the maximum benefit caps. Last week the insurance company was legally compelled to reinstate its client's name. When the hospital notified the patient she was stunned and confused. She sobbed, saying, 'So the insurance company granted my appeal?' 'No,' came the reply. 'The new health care law removed all caps on benefits.' "
Wait, so a "zoomer" is just a boomer with an active lifestyle, friends of all ages, and a sex life? Guess I partied with 23,800 "zoomers" in Orlando, then. Seriously, I think this nickname is ridiculous, but what do you think?
Oh, never mind - we're not done with the "boomer" wordplay: "Stubbornly high unemployment -- nearly 15% for those ages 20-24 -- has made finding a job nearly impossible. And without a job, there's nowhere for these young adults to go but back to their old bedrooms, curfews and chore charts. Meet the boomerangers." Little more clever, maybe?
"The house that set off the national furor over faulty foreclosures is blue-gray and weathered. The porch is piled with furniture and knickknacks awaiting the next yard sale. In the driveway is a busted pickup truck. No one who lives there is going anywhere anytime soon."

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