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Telling U About U@50

Hey everyone, since this is my blogging debut I thought I'd take the chance to talk about one of the more interesting projects going on at AARP. The U@50 challenge is a contest we recently finished where people between 18 and 30 submitted videos on what they expected their lives to be like at 50. People submitted videos to our YouTube contest channel and the top 5 videos chosen by our judges would win cash prizes including $5,000 for first place.
The goal of the challenge was to create a dialogue between generations and give AARP a better idea of the issues that matter to young people. With over 50 videos submitted, the challenge was definitely a success, and we recently named our 5 prize winning videos. This video below is the 5th place winner entitled The College Years: Episode 50, and was submitted by Daniel J. Pawlik who is a Pre-film and Electronic Arts Studies student at California State University at Long Beach. We'll be featuring a video once a week, so keep coming back.

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