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Your Right. Your Decision. Your Vote. (Pennsylvania)

Having a hard time cutting through the campaign clutter this election? AARP is here to help you choose the candidates that best reflect their views and values. We've created a voters' guide in Pennsylvania's Senate race which has the candidates' positions in their own words, on issues like Social Security, the economy and the deficit. Before you vote on November 2nd, please go here to create a sample ballot you can take with you to the polls.
The Keystone State's Senate race features Republican candidate Pat Toomey running against Democratic candidate Joe Sestak. In addition to their websites, you can catch Toomey, Pennsylvania' 15th district's U.S. Representative until 2005, at his Facebook page, Twitter stream, or YouTube channel; you can find Joe Sestak, currently representing Pennsylvania's 7th district in the House of Representatives, at his Facebook page, Twitter stream, or YouTube channel.
AARP is committed to helping you get the facts you need to choose candidates who best reflect your views and values. Because it's your right, your decisions, your vote.

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