Diabetes Has Claimed My Husband's Erection

Dr. Pepper Schwartz
Dr. Pepper Schwartz

Q: I'm not sure how to address this situation: My husband is diabetic and has numerous other health issues. He really wants to have sex but can't achieve or maintain an erection. He's seeing an endocrinologist to find a doable solution. What options are available for us to be able to rekindle a dead sex life? -- CO

This is a tough situation because diabetes, as you know, affects erectile ability and the medicines that are necessary to control it have the same effect.

Talk to your husband about possible other solutions, such as a penile prosthesis. There are several implants that work quite wonderfully but if your husband is willing, you will need to talk to a doctor who specializes in sexual medicine to see if these procedures are right for him.

I know it is a strange option to consider after a lifetime of needing only the urge, but these operations are quite successful and have made a lot of people happy with the results. The implants make erection possible and intercourse will still feel great for your husband. Just know that with some procedures ejaculation is not possible.

There are a number of other possibilities too, like penile pumps, but you need a thorough medical examination and a consultation of costs and benefits before you could know if such a procedure would be appropriate. Please see a specialist.

You can search the American Medical Association for a list of specialists. There's a good possibility that a satisfying sexual life together could be renewed.

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