Men and Sex: Survival Comes First

I don't know who the original press agent was for men, but that person was very effective. They put the message out that men were sexually voracious creatures with a sex drive that won't quit, no matter what the cost.  This branding has been a double-edged sword for men since.

On one hand, they get all these bragging rights. But on the other hand, they have to meet expectations of studliness - no matter what.

Well, here's the latest study (though its study-light, at best) that says that 43 percent of men would pick their job over the ability to have sex, if they had to choose one over the other. And this goes viral. Why? Because of the myth of a male virility so dear to its owners that nothing in the world is supposed to compete with it.

But let's get real. Men aren't stupid or defectively wired. And it would take both to give up the capacity to earn a living over shagging on an empty stomach with no prospect of food in the future. In a tough economy, men are thinking about how to provide, and if provision isn't possible, that is often a libido cruncher.

I'm not saying love and sex are unimportant; but being able to have shelter, food and food for your family come first.  Even less cognitive mammals have got this message. If you watch wild male animals, take elk for example, compete for females, they rarely engage antler to antler. They try and steal a few ladies without engaging in physical combat. They would rather go without and live to copulate another day.

So let's give men a break on the whole sex-machine sterotype. Yes, sex is important to men, but survival comes first.

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