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Q: Could you recommend good sex videos for older couples? My husband and I have been together 35 years, and we see ads in the newspaper for such videos. We'd like to view them, but their websites seem flaky and not very knowledgeable about issues of older couples. We'd like to watch videos to possibly learn some different techniques. 

Dr. Pepper Schwartz: Good for you! You can get wonderful ideas and tips from videos (and they can be a turn-on, too). The most commonly recommended videos that I know about are the Sinclair Institute videos (they advertise in AARP The Magazine). Find them at the website under Adult Sex Education. Most of them are narrated by well-thought-of sexologists, and they do have several for older couples. also offers a variety of well-described videos. If you live in a big city, a trip to a fancier sex shop would be a great idea because the staff could recommend specific videos.

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