Safer Sex for Seniors

Finally! A sexual health public service announcement (PSA) that is about older people, for older people, and not so vanilla that it makes me feel that its creators were really squeamish about the whole idea of people having sex in their 70s.

Not that I don't find the your everyday erectile dysfunction commercial of two people watching the sunset from the iron separation of their two bathtubs erotic (I am being sarcastic here). Those ads limit the couple's touch to handholding and are so tasteful that it's slightly insulting. (The Europeans evidently thought so too. A Cialis commercial on the other side of the pond has the two people nicely tucked into one tub, which I believe makes it much more likely that sexual contact will occur.)

There are other welcome innovations in this PSA . The actors (who are real people as opposed to the most gorgeous 65 year olds on the planet) go through the positions of the Kama Sutra (fully clothed) and show that they can still bend, be sexually creative, and yes, have a sense of humor.

It's a bit racy (some of those positions take some gumption) but oh so welcome.

Yes, it might offend a few people, but from my point of view it's a welcome addition to my mission: Which is to show sex after 50 happens, that it can have all the fun and innovation of any other kind of sex, and that we should expect and embrace sex throughout our lives.

Of course, this wasn't the main mission of the PSA: It was put together to encourage older people to use condoms when they have sex, a necessary message because very low proportions of older, single men and women use condoms and this has resulted in high increases of sexually transmitted infections in this age group.

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Well, I'm sorry that it's increasing transmission of dangerous diseases that has inspired this wonderful video - I'd rather there were less dire circumstances and that senior sexuality was promoted for its health and pleasure benefits. But it is necessary for people over 50 to take better care of their sexual health, and even if it's a side message, I'm glad that there is a video that recognizes the sexual vitality sexuality of fellow Baby Boomers ... and their parents!

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WARNING: The video is not for younger readers and its content might be offensive to some.

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