No Joys of Sex With My New Knee

PEPPER joy of sex
Q: I had total knee replacement surgery five weeks ago. As of now, I won't be able to kneel above my husband, as I use to, when we have sex. Is there a book or pamphlet out there that can show us different positions to try during sex? - PR

Dr. Schwartz: Yes, there are several. The Joy of Sex shows all kinds of positions - the first edition has drawings while the second edition shows photos. Or Anne Hooper has a number of books with photos of a variety of sex positions. There is also a fun book called The Guide to Getting it On! that has detailed instructions and drawings of options. I think you will find many delightful alternatives to using your knees.

For a real treat, here's a suggestion to use on vacation: go to a resort or rent a house with a private pool and find ways to use weightlessness to your advantage!

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