Are Multivitamins a Good Medicine for the Mind?

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We’ve been told since we were children that multivitamins are good for us, and that they help us get all the daily vitamins we need. But is that true?

Turns out that while multivitamins are the most-purchased dietary supplement in the U.S. — almost 50 percent of adults take them daily — it’s not likely that they improve brain health.

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The Global Council on Brain Health (a group that’s made up of scientists, health professionals, scholars and policy experts) looked at reams of evidence on numerous supplements and found little proof that multivitamins do anything worth noting for your brain power.

Most adults, the experts say, can get all the nutrients the brain needs from eating a variety of healthy foods from the key food groups. The exception are individuals who’ve been diagnosed with a specific vitamin deficiency. For them, multivitamins can be a good buy.

It’s OK if you’re not ready to break up with your trusted daily multivitamin. Just be sure to talk to your doctor about safe dosing and possible interactions with your other medications.

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