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A friend recently told me she didn't understand how I survived 2012. It was a rough year, to say the least, for our family. In retrospect, I know that I do what each of the other 42 million caregivers across this nation do - we just keep going - what else are we to do? The good news is that along with the challenges, there are also many triumphs, blessings and lessons learned. As I look back at the past year, here are just a few of ours:As 2012 began, Dad came home from the hospital with a feeding tube. Two months of struggle and repeated hospital visits followed. He couldn't eat or remember that he was literally attached to a machine. It was a nightmare.
My life has become app centered.  In fact, I probably spend more time on my smartphone testing apps than most 20-somethings. I ask my friends, I ask the Internet, I ask my Twitter followers ... and I download, tap and swipe away. All in the service of this blog.
The following is a guest post by Nicole Duritz, Vice President, Health, AARP Education and Outreach
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The following is a guest post by Alan Kalman. 
A common question for individuals starting out on their quest for fitness is whether to focus on eating or exercise. Would it be better to establish healthier eating habits and then add the habit of exercise? Or begin with exercise and work on nutrition later?
Let's start 2012 out on the right foot, the correct path, a good mindset, have the best intentions, etc etc, etc. No, I'm not going to talk to you about personal resolutions. I'm not going to give you five steps to healthier living or have you add blueberries to you daily food pyramid. Nor am I going to tell you to drink more water, eat less red meat, walk faster or sleep more. However, all those are excellent recommendations; I should try them myself.
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If you've read any quotes by Sydney J. Harris, you know how accurately he describes and distills the essence of human behavior, particularly when it comes to making changes.
2012 Resolutions
The New Year is upon us and it is time to make a balance sheet for 2011 and work on our 2012 goals. This year has been like a roller coaster ride for millions of Americans. A slow-economic recovery, high unemployment rates and rising medical costs have prevented millions from enjoying their retirement and clouding what is supposed to be their "golden years." These are some of the reasons why AARP works to help millions of our members and Americans navigate these turbulent economic waters.
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Hey all! Wanted to report back from our excellent trip to Iowa last week!
If your New Year's resolutions include weight loss, consider joining the AARP Fat 2 Fit online community. A research team, coordinated by Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, found that the "accountability that comes with group participation can be instrumental in successful weight loss." Their 2010 study, reported in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, found that the more often people used an interactive site supporting their fitness goals, the more successful they were in losing weight-and then maintaining their weight loss.
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