Many households are considering their financial future this time of year and making planning decisions that will ultimately impact retirement. Follow recent coverage on important resources and mistakes to avoid when planning for retirement.
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Si bien los hispanos registrarán el mayor incremento en su población de adultos mayores y jubilados para el 2050, según recientes proyecciones de la Oficina del Censo, desde ahora figuran entre las personas con menos liquidez y poca seguridad financiera para la vejez.
We all rely on advice — from friends, family and, at times, complete strangers. Sometimes you get good advice and other times you get advice that is not in your best interest. But if you get advice from a professional like a doctor, a lawyer or a financial professional, you should be able to rely on knowing that it will always be in your best interest.
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Small businesses would be able to band together to create a joint 401(k) retirement plan, and some part-time workers could participate in their employer’s plan, under proposals to be included in President Obama’s final budget to Congress.
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La jubilación es una transición a una nueva fase de la vida que requiere cambios en nuestras finanzas y estilo de vida. Sin embargo, muchas personas no están preparadas para esta etapa, por lo cual su adaptación puede resultar traumática.
The U.S. Department of Labor is paving the way for states to sponsor retirement plans for millions of private-sector workers who don’t have such programs on the job.
Workers nationwide who don’t have a retirement plan on the job will have a new alternative — the myRA.
Which would you rather have: a job that offers a 401(k) or one that doesn’t have a retirement plan but comes with a higher salary?
Automatic enrollment for retirement saving is both effective and popular among all income, gender and ethnic groups. It has increased participation, helped people to both start saving earlier and to make appropriate investment choices.This mechanism would be even more useful, especially for younger workers and those with low-to-moderate incomes if retirement savings plans also allowed employees to save for unexpected expenses. Recent research by the US Financial Diaries Project, which looks at the actual income flows of low-to-moderate income consumers shows why this feature would be valuable.
Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month each May is a time to celebrate, reflect on and pay homage to the many generations of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders who contributed their talents to America’s history. They came here with hopes of getting a slice of the American pie, such as starting a business or securing a good job, and having the financial resources to raise a family and enjoy a comfortable retirement.
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