50+ women

Banana Republic Boy Crop Suit Pant
Gender-blending is nothing new for older women:
The beauty industry thinks we're hot and for a very good reason. Women 50-plus are helping them make billions of dollars and firm up a saggy economy with every de-aging product and procedure possible. But when it comes to beauty trends they get amnesia. For example, we honestly don't need cat-eye liner, matte lips, techno-glitter shadows, nail art, dip dyed hair, fishtail braids and big messy topknots. Fortunately, some trends have a more diverse appeal. We'll take these five for starters:
Back when our skin was young, juicy, oily and blemish prone, long lasting makeup and mattes saved us.  Cracking glass ceilings, juggling work, kids and marriage left no time for retouching so stay-put cosmetics ruled. Now a new generation of face, eye and lip products promises to cling nearly forever (no kidding one foundation claims "25-hour wear"). Silicones and film forming polymer technology keep the new stuff hanging on. So you ask, is long wear still part of our strategy or have we outgrown it? Here's my answer and these three celebs seem to get it right:
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