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You may not have been aware, but this week is National Volunteer Week — a time to thank our nation’s more than 62 million volunteers for the experience and passion they dedicate to improving their communities. Those millions of volunteers’ contributions total an annual economic value of $184 billion.
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It’s that time of year when millions of families begin enjoying new scents from the kitchen, the excitement and anticipation from the children, and the sights and sounds of celebration and merriment from multiple directions.
Need to get your Social Security benefits verified? There's good news: You can still get it done at your Social Security office.
The   Older Americans Act (OAA)   is critical to helping seniors live independently as they age. This is the first in a three-part series outlining the importance of programs funded by the OAA to the dignity of seniors across America. Please read, share and tell Congress to not play political games with seniors’ health and well-being.
Another year, another last-minute "doc fix" by Congress. Am I the only one starting to feel a little like Bill Murray in the 1993 comedy Groundhog Day?
Nearly seven million seniors and people with disabilities on Medicare have saved $9 billion to date on their prescription drugs thanks to the Affordable Care Act, according to new data released today by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. That's an average savings of about $1,200 per person since the health care law started closing the " doughnut hole."
The financial security of many older Americans could be at risk under a proposed law that was the focus of a hearing this week on Capitol Hill.
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The annual Social Security cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) is critically important to the financial security of the nearly 58 million Americans receiving benefits. By providing protection against inflation, the COLA helps beneficiaries of all ages maintain their standard of living, keeping many from falling into poverty. The COLA announced today is vital to millions, but at an average of just $19 per month, it will quickly be consumed by the rising costs of basic needs such as food, utilities and health care.
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The title of the undisputed hit song of this past summer, before the government shutdown, Blurred Lines,* lacks a reference to Congress (or rest assured it would have been a dud). But it captures what politicians and others in Washington have done in the hopes that voters don't catch them causing damage to our lives and the broader economy.
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The idea that Social Security benefit payments help support local and state economies and the national economy is obvious to all 57 million beneficiaries who spend their dollars at stores and to the merchants who sell them goods and services. But it is not obvious to many in Washington. In a town focused only on what Social Security payments mean for the federal budget, a new report by AARP's Public Policy Institute highlights, in actual dollars and jobs, what Social Security benefits mean for each state's economy and its residents.
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