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I had the honor this past weekend of attending the Alpha Phi Alpha Eastern Region Leadership Development Institute’s Ecumenical and Awards Program. The program is designed to equip young African American males, ages 15 to 19, with leadership skills. This year’s theme was “ Leadership: Learning, Leading and Leveraging.” The program was on the campus of Howard University, in Washington, D.C. The young men, called ambassadors, one of whom was my cousin, were from Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. They participated in enrichment workshops and tours and got to experience dorm and campus life. They were also surrounded by a group of positive men who took an interest in molding their future.
Experience Corps volunteer
By Lester Strong
Today my class of  Experience Corps students celebrated their 100 th day of school!  When I got to school the teacher had placed "100 th day of school" signs all over the walls.  To celebrate, the children made crowns with a "100" featured prominently on the front, and decorated their headband with 100 hearts, numbers, triangles, dots, letters-whatever they were moved to create.  And even if they didn't get 100 "somethings" down on the paper, when the adults stapled the bands to fit the kids' heads, they all looked stunning-especially as a group.
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