AARP savings Challenge

credit card
Q: My husband will not quit spending. He has purchased several vehicles, only to trade them in for less than we owed on them. During our 18-year marriage, we have refinanced our house six times to pay off loans and credit cards. When we refinanced this last time, I refused to pay any of his credit…
savings challenge for tara
The special 2012 "Fall Into Savings" Challenge is now history, and it indeed made some history, with a record number of more than 5,600 individuals now registered in the Savings Challenge group. Who knew there were so many cheapskates out there? This month-long Challenge, which ended on Oct. 28,…
savings challenge for tara
It's true what they say:  Bad habits are hard to break.  But the good news is that breaking many bad habits will not only make you happier, and maybe healthier, but richer too.
AARP savings challenge
Let the games - and the money saving - begin! 
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