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When proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) were first approved in the 1980s, they seemed like a safe way to help people with chronic heartburn, acid reflux and ulcers.
Nexium slow-release capsules
Could some heartburn drugs be risky for your heart?
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News, discoveries and ... fun.
A nagging sore throat had President Obama checking in for an exam recently with his doctors. The diagnosis was one that’s familiar to millions of Americans: acid reflux.
Back in the day, it was called a corset or a girdle. Now it's called shapewear, with the hugely popular Spanx line and other brands helping women smooth their lumps and bumps under clothes.
OK, let's be honest. We all fart. But what happens when it occurs nine times a day in an office shared by other coworkers?
As we head into a holiday season full of heavy, rich meals, here's unwelcome news: Not only is heartburn increasing, but also those highly popular acid-blocking drugs don't seem to work for a large number of us.
If you're prone to heartburn or acid reflux, then a big food-focused holiday like Thanksgiving can be an uncomfortable time.
Hooked on Heartburn Medication- woman holding her chest in discomfort
Drugs that reduce stomach acid to relieve chronic heartburn and acid reflux are among the most popular medications sold to Americans.
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