If you’ve sobbed through The Notebook, we’d probably be friends.
Comic strip of a woman on her 40s.
Do opposites really attract?
Comic strip of a woman on her 40s.
Just as Segunda's and my own health and finances seemed to be in tip-top shape, as if on cue, our work lives demanded attention. Maybe this is the way life will always unfold for those of us trying to live our second youth better than our first. For me, it meant taking my newfound energy and…
Comic strip of a woman on her 40s.
Morning coffee with relationship guru Dante, lunch at the corner bistro with Yogi Bean, facials with daughter Angelita, organic chicken with Lady Piola - these small pleasures in Segunda's life have led to a large monthly credit card bill. Last week, Segunda and I realized the price we had to pay…
Segunda, daughter Angelita, and Argentine poodle Lady Piola have landed in their new digs, the pages of AARP.ORG/VIVA-and they like what they see.
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