The Takeaway: Reaching Age 90 More Likely Than Ever; Supermodel Carmen Dell’Orefice Still Catwalking at 80

According to the most recent census bureau data, Americans are more likely to reach 90 than ever before"”and by 2050, one in 10 Americans could reach that age … If only we could all age as gracefully as Carmen Dell'Orefice, the 80-year-old supermodel who's still working the runways.

Neither, age, heat nor toe can keep garage salers down

This guest post from Garage Sale Gal Lynda Hammond is about one of her favorite people she met at a sale. I’d just had minor surgery on my toe. My podiatrist suggested I stay off it for a few days. But I was already stir-crazy having been homebound a full day, so I took short trip to the library. I found six garage sales on the way – and I’m so glad I did. Otherwise I would not have met Dale Glendenning. …