Kampung Admiralty, Singapore
Multigenerational living is on the rise in the U.S. and this trend offers many benefits, such as cost savings on living expenses and reducing isolation.
A new interest in having communities that are not only age-friendly but train businesses how to be
Trust me, you don't want to have problems getting around and be in  Venice, Italy. Venice is an amazing city - the culture, the architecture, the food and the canals. But there are more than 400 bridges - many of them footbridges. You're walking to yet another lovely square and, guess what? All of a sudden there are steep steps up and down if you want to continue on your way.  Good luck if you're not up to the task - and on a recent visit there, I saw many older men and women who weren't.
CS w bus two lane
Today the nation will celebrate passage of the 500th piece of "complete street" legislation. This is a major milestone toward achieving safe streets for everyone, regardless of age and ability.
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