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Greek Man Blue Zones
Reading Dan Buettner's New York Times story, "The Island Where People Forget to Die" made me want to move to Ikaria, Greece, immediately. This is an island where an unusually large percentage of people live past 100 because they get ample amounts of sleep, sex, socializing, spirituality, spinach, and sourdough bread. And they drink several glasses of red wine each day. Basically, party animals who don't sit still much, but pray and take a lot of naps.
From Bernard Ohanian
There is a great Q&A style article on today that addresses concerns of older Americans who were looking to retire, but like many in the country, don't have the same amount of certainty in their financial stability that they once had. The author touches on going back to work (but does that make sense when the rest of America is looking for work, too?) and social security eligibility. Check it out if you're looking to retire early...or already have and are second-guessing your choice.
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