For years I was a sitcom writer; my shows were always in prime time. I have been writing voices for Designing Women, Family Ties, Kate and Allie.  Yup, that's me - except not really. They have been what Julia Sugarbaker would assert on her soapbox, what Alex Keaton would wisecrack to his way-too-liberal parents, what Kate would say supportively to Allie. I would give them lines, but they were never my voice. That's the trick to writing for others on TV: you write in the characters' voices.
Colette Cassidy's Mom with her youngest child several years ago. Her family was already seeing memory problems and increased anxiety, but never dreamed it was Alzheimer's.
Note: this is first in a series of posts about women and Alzheimer's
A few weeks ago, I was sitting at the table at the Alzheimer's Association annual Gala. Through humor and stories, emcee David Hyde Pierce steered a cadre of Alzheimer's advocates sharing statistics, pleas for more research funds, and even Alzheimer's protest songs.
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