Americans with Disabilities Act

El Departamento de Transporte asignó $686 millones en subvenciones federales para mejorar los servicios ferroviarios y la accesibilidad en las estaciones de tránsito.
The Department of Transportation on Monday unveiled $686 million in federal grants to make U.S. railroads and transit stations more accessible.
Disabled access sign
No disability? Guess what. You benefit from the Americans With Disabilities Act every single day.
Hearing loss is often referred to as a hidden disability, but one place it shouldn’t be invisible is in a government report on disability.
Thinking and reading about the passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act, 25 years ago this week, has been a surprising reminder of how far we have come in a relatively short span. Twenty-five years — July 26, 1990.
Police badge on vest
When public safety and the protections of the Americans with Disabilities Act come into conflict, public safety prevails. But that doesn’t mean the ADA should be tossed aside. In fact, compliance with the ADA gives us a more effective police force.
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