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African American woman helping Senior man use walker
It’s important to create an action plan with a loved one before a crisis, AARP's Amy Goyer said Thursday during an appearance on NBC’s Today show.
African American woman helping Senior man use walker
Es importante crear un plan de acción con un padre, abuelo o ser querido mayor antes de que surja una crisis, dijo Amy Goyer, experta en cuidado familiar de AARP.
Complicated enrollment processes stand in the way of U.S. military veterans accessing health benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs.
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In English | He cuidado a mi familia por más de 30 años, y he descubierto que hay algunos dispositivos que no solamente hacen mi vida más fácil, sino hacen que la vida de las personas que cuido sea más segura y feliz.
Amy Goyer describes new caregiving documentary that highlights the challenges & growing needs.
Watching the new PBS documentary Caring for Mom and Dad was like looking in a mirror. The gut-wrenching heartaches, stress, fatigue, fears — but most of all, the love — these families experience reflect my own caregiving journey.
Amy Goyer describes RAND corp. study valuing cost of family caregiving at $522 billion.
Family caregivers in the U.S. spend an estimated 30 billion hours per year caring for older family and friends. That’s about $522 billion in care, according to a new Rand Corp. study, as measured by valuing the time caregivers have sacrificed in order to be able to provide care.
New Census report find more grandparents living with grandchildren & both are at risk.
The first U.S. Census Bureau report in more than a decade on grandparents living with grandchildren highlights growth and diversity, and confirms that, while the trend has slowed some as the economy recovers from recession, multigenerational living is not going away. Fully 10 percent of the…
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