The fake PSA video "Bitchy Resting Face" has created a viral storm on YouTube. It lampoons the 11s - the twin vertical furrows between the brows - that give your face a constant hostile, worried look. The 11s get  deeply etched with age but Botox inhibits them (and with FDA approval!)  I used to get Botox from super-famous NYC dermatologist Dr. Frederic Brandt during my high visibility job as Beauty & Fashion Director of MORE magazine. My busy 24/7 work/dating/social life made looking youthful and upbeat a priority. Now that I work from home and have a laid back married life in the 'burbs, my Botox routine vanished. I cut bangs to compensate...but know what? I miss my Botox boost and my (hidden) 11s do too. Now although over 11 million women (and men) have gotten Botox (by Allergan, its genius maker), the procedure is either loved or pooh-poohed. I'm still a huge fan and here's why you might become one too:
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