TEK seminar in San Diego
I used to have perfect hearing, although I could select what I didn’t want to hear. But now that I’m getting older, I am becoming more concerned about my hearing. I am also a recent cancer survivor, truly thankful for every day that I wake up.
Candy Corn
News, discoveries and ... fun
News, discoveries and ... fun
Exchange Senior Flute Player
News, discoveries and ... fun
News, discoveries and ... fun.
phone album
Photos unite family and friends, so if you want to be the hit of a holiday party, just copy my friend Pauline. She recently sat down at brunch and whipped out a stunning book she had made from photos on her iPhone.  She said she compiled it with a really easy-to-use mobile app. The beauty and coolness of the photo album got more raves than photos of her grandkids.
Many of my friends' grandchildren live far away from them.  They lament over coffee about how much they miss the little tykes and wish they could be more involved in their lives.   They use Skype and Facetime to talk on the phone with them, but they often bemoan the fact they can't read books to the little ones more often.
Photo of AARP Adnroid app prototype
Some co-workers and I gathered in a conference room at AARP Headquarters to watch Steve Jobs unveil the new version of Apple's iPad 2. While the conversation naturally circled around all the new features, and how some of us were going to buy on the first day, our chatter came to the topic of competition pushing back.  As if on cue, Nielsen announced the next day that the market share of Google's popular Android operating system for smart phones had edged past Apple and RIM Blackberry. This shift was long anticipated by analysts, and we have been readying the Android version of our flagship iPhone App. It will be released for free into the Google Android Market later this month.
Groupon - an amalgam of "group coupon" - has been taking over the country lately, including one incredibly attractive buyout offer by some other company you may've heard of. Simple concept - local business wants to get you in their doors, offers a really good, one-time deal; Groupon sends out an entertaining email telling you the details, you say - oh, I've been meaning to check that out! and tell your friends, while you're at it. The "groupon" only activates once enough people have bought it, and you're not charged until that happens. Win for you, win for business.
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