Life Lessons From GM’s Mary Barra

At an auto assembly plant in Pontiac, Mich., back in 1980, 18-year-old Mary Makela got a hands-on education about what life was like on the factory floor. It was noisy and dirty and rough. And then there were the catcalls. “Every time I turned this one corner,” she says, “this guy would kind of yell. Finally, I walked over and asked him, ‘Why do you do that?’” and he said, ‘I don’t know.’” She laughs at the recollection. Challenging him …

Surprise Status Symbol: Hybrid Cars

The conventional wisdom about older car buyers is that they’re primarily motivated by price, durability and the ease of getting in and out of a vehicle – factors that translate into a big, bulky domestic sedan. But a new study shows that some automobile shoppers 60 and older are going green and buying hybrids because it boosts their self-esteem and image. Sign up for the AARP Money Matters newsletter Researchers, led by Jay Yoo of Baylor University, looked at the …

News To Know: Good News For Autos?

After months of bad news, some postive headlines are coming out of Detroit's auto-makers.

News To Know: New Mileage Rules

The White House announced new proposed standards for automobile mileage and emissions today.

News To Know: Safety Features Take Center Stage

Automakers showed off some of their latest safety features at the Washington Auto Show.

Automakers On Display

The Washington Auto Show is in town this week.