back pain

Carly Simon may have resented the advice her grandmother gave her in “The Carter Family”  (one of my favorite tunes), but her gran was correct on all counts — especially the one about standing up straight.
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Spinal manipulation, in which a chiropractor or osteopath "adjusts" the spine using various kinds of thrusts, is no more effective than other kinds of treatment at reducing lower back pain, a new review of 20 previous trials involving more than 2,600 adults finds.
A popular treatment for severe back pain - steroid shots in the lower back because of ruptured disks or spinal stenosis - has been linked to a growing outbreak of a rare and deadly fungal meningitis from contaminated injections.
Helping Homeowners Tread Water: Meeting yesterday with distressed homeowners in Las Vegas-the 'foreclosure capital of the nation'- President Obama unveiled a plan to allow homeowners who owe more than their properties are worth to refinance mortgages at today's low rates, which are hovering near 4…
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