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Según un nuevo informe de AARP, más trabajadores dicen que están priorizando su bienestar personal y físico sobre el trabajo desde el comienzo de la pandemia de COVID-19.{%22pageNumber%22:1,%22perPage%22:100,%22abstractType%22:[%22photos%22,%22illustrations%22,%22video%22,%22audio%22],%22order%22:%22bestMatch%22,%22portfolioID%22:[454906],%22additionalAudio%22:%22true%22,%22f%22:true}
The popularity of yoga continues to grow, not only in the sheer numbers of people doing it, but also among older adults and men, according to a new national survey.
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One minute you’re fine, the next minute everything is spinning. It happened recently to a coworker who woke up one morning and found that any little movement sent the room spinning and her stomach lurching. She couldn’t even get out of bed.
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News, discoveries and ... fun
Which number is your most embarrassing -  age, weight or credit-card debt?
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I'll admit it: I love a good to-do list. When I've got a lot on my plate, or even when I don't, there's something so satisfying about crossing things off as I go.
Your grandchildren are probably too busy bugging you to preorder Call of Duty: Ghosts for them to notice, but this news will bring a tear to the eye of older gamers (and there are more of us out there than you might realize). Nintendo has just revealed that it's ending production of the original …
I did not gather you here today to form a circle and lead you in a child's game of Ring Around the Rosy, at the end of which we all fall down. It was fun when we were kids and could bounce up off the play yard like balloons, laughing and clapping in delight. Well, it ain't so much fun anymore.
How long are you going to live? Here's one way to predict: How easily can you get up from sitting on the floor?
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