I wanted to become a member of the Columbia House mail-order music club in the worst way. Remember those ads in magazines trumpeting amazing music deals: 8 records, 10 tapes or 12 CDs for just a penny?! (Shipping and handling extra, of course.)
Stitched Panorama
A  U.S. Supreme Court ruling has just made estate planning a lot more cumbersome for some high-net-worth parents who want to leave tax-free money in a Roth IRA to a child.
Many parents and grandparents are aware of the hazards of cosigning an education loan, putting themselves on the hook to repay if the student doesn't.
On June 18, Detroit, which has been wallowing in something like $18 billion of debt, became the largest city in U.S. history to seek bankruptcy protection.
Jeff Rose's boys
This is a guest post by Jeff Rose.
Richard Wills
Meet the "un-politician."
Bankruptcy rates rise among older Americans.
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