Barry Rand

Did you know that July 30 is the 45th anniversary of Medicare? It's true - it was July 30, 1965 that President Johnson signed Medicare into law and former President Harry Truman was enrolled as Medicare's first beneficiary.
As the House and Senate begin work to merge their respective health care reform bills, our CEO, Barry Rand, sent a letter on behalf of the association's nearly 40 million members to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, outlining key priorities that any final…
Last week, we told you where AARP stands on the Social Security COLA issue - that is, encouraging leaders on the Hill to provide a $250 in emergency relief to the older Americans who are struggling in the economic climate. Yesterday, a story ran in U.S. News and World Report on the letter that CEO…
Yesterday, AARP CEO A. Barry Rand sent a letter to leaders on the Hill, encouraging them to provide $250 in emergency relief to millions of older Americans who are struggling in the current tough economic climate. AARP's support for this measure comes in response to the expected announcement that…
Got some questions about health care reform? Want some clarity on where AARP stands? Or maybe you're curious about how health care reform will impact you. No matter your question or curiosity get your info straight from the President.
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That's right folks, AARP announced a brand new CEO for the organization this morning, and the winner is...drum roll...A. Barry Rand!
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