BB Cream. Brown Spots

Want a fresher more youthful face ? Better deal with your brown spots because they (not sexy smile lines and eye crinkles) make us look "old". If you're up for a long-term fix the newbie  Fraxel re:store DUAL laser cleans up  sun damage with only four "ugly" days of  downtime at home. Robert Anolik M.D. of the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York says "expect redness on day two like a bad sunburn, followed by bronzing and extreme peeling but no wounding of the skin." Sounds great but what if your schedule (like mine) is crazed with work and social stuff till 2013 or maybe you're just squeamish (sounds like us too)? Fortunately another option  promises immediate results. You need one must-have tool and two super-hero makeups. Used in sequence they improve your skin and hide all. Get your hands on these :
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