belly fat
If you’re middle-aged and a night owl, you’re at a much higher risk for diabetes and other health problems than your early-riser friends — even if you’re getting the same amount of sleep as they are.
Don't blame the food, blame the type of fat we eat. That's what causes us to have big bellies, say Swedish researchers, who used a special muffin diet to demonstrate how this works.
Men, when you take off your clothes and look down, can you see your, um, manhood?
Is your waist measurement more than half your height? Then you could be at increased risk for diabetes and heart disease.
aerobic exercise is more effective at reducing harmful belly fat than weight-resistance exercises- mature people running into the surf
Think crunches for belly-fat are just the thing? Think again. The most dangerous type of belly fat"”the kind that resides deep within the abdomen and sneaks into the spaces between internal organs"”laughs in the face of your crunches, weight-lifting and resistance-training in general. A study of adults aged 18-70 found aerobic exercise such as jogging, however, can 'significantly reduce' this fat (also called visceral or liver fat), and decrease your risk of developing heart disease or diabetes.
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