Best beauty tips for women 50+

Debi Mazar
“Glamorous” and “gritty” may not go together naturally, but they seem like perfectly paired adjectives when it comes to describing actress, mother, wife, chef and all-around workaholic Debi Mazar (below) , who turned 50 in August.
I approach the holidays like a Golden Globes nominee — that is, with a can’t-fail-to-look-good plan.
Dayle Haddon
Former supermodel Dayle Haddon (now a mom and grandmother!) is no stranger to adversity. Widowed unexpectedly at 38, she went from being a Vogue and Harper's Bazaar cover girl to an office receptionist to pay the bills. In the early '90s as the de-aging trend caught fire, Dayle pitched her maturing face to Estee Lauder and L'Oreal Paris. She launched her career comeback, but it wasn't all about beauty. As an ambassador for UNICEF and Free The Children and founder of WomenOne, Dayle, 65, has also become a powerful social activist. Now a spokesmodel for Beauty Is Bone Deep, a new campaign and contest by Bayer Healthcare that you can learn more about at, she shares her secrets for inner strength and outer beauty. Meanwhile, here are Dayle's top tips for us:
Children Gather For Kid's Inaugural Concert
Two cool divas, Martha Stewart, 71, and Michelle Obama, 49, are getting summer 2013 off to a splashy start. Martha's just joined and has been rocking around town in gold leggings and sequins. Michelle is working her bangs and planning a long extended vacay on the Vineyard with Sasha and Malia. So let's be clear. Don't make this another blah season of cropped khakis, baggy black tees and comfort shoes either. Do like M + M and get out of your hot weather rut before it starts. Here's how to makes this June to September your best-looking season ever.
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