best hair styles for women 50+

Run on 56th Birthday 12-23-12
A few months ago I turned 56. To commemorate and celebrate, I ran 5.6 miles around Central Park. It felt good knowing I could run that distance and still be fit enough to join my husband and daughters at a birthday dinner downtown a few hours later.
Donna Karan
Our knee-jerk reaction to the question of "are you too old for long hair?" is "no way, look at all the celebs over 50 with long hair." However, the truth is: superstar hair is not to be believed. It's been prepped, propped and staged with a shelf-load of products and extensions by pros laboring for hours. It is both over-styled and overworked. Women in and around the fashion business are far better role models for lengthy locks. Donna Karan, Diane Von Furstenberg, Norma Kamali and Ricky Lauren (author and wife of Ralph Lauren) all have longish hair (emphasis on long- ish) that's contemporary and appealing.  These women make smart choices about length, color, texture and tweak it every season accordingly. They're also not trying to look 50 going on 25. Three tips can make your mane look youthful and contemporary:
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