The Takeaway: Good and Bad In New U.S. Obesity Data; Adults Want To Be Like Betty

Public health officials seem to agree that America's obesity rate is 'leveling off' or 'plateauing,' and that recent health and fitness pushes have had some effect. And a new poll conducted by MIT's AgeLab found Betty White"”who turned 90 yesterday"”is the celebrity middle-aged and older adults most want to be like when they retire.

Valerie Harper, ‘Mary Tyler Moore Show’ Alumni All Over TV This Month

Good news for fans of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” – January is bursting forth with a plethora of programming that has the potential to, well, turn your world on with a smile.  NBC’s 90th Birthday Celebration for AARP’s own Betty White airs Jan. 16 — followed by a preview of Betty’s older-folks-prank-younger-folks reality show, “Betty White’s Off Their Rockers.”  Betty’s birthday event will mark a mini-reunion of the MTM gang.  Come Jan. 29, Mary will be honored with the …

Betty to Shaq: “You’re Too Old For Me”

Yep. Happy Friday. Via.

Betty White Says: Get Over It!!

Feelin’ funny about turning 50? Maybe you got the AARP envelope in the mail and you cringed and tossed it? Well…Betty White has some advice for you…