Women are twice as likely to get Alzheimer’s disease as men, but for years, doctors assumed that was simply because women lived longer. Now it appears there’s more to it.
A simple blood test that a researcher calls a "game changer" may be able to accurately predict whether older adults will develop dementia.
After the alarm goes off at 5:45 a.m., each day brings a new set of challenges: deadlines and responsibility at work, AP history homework, French quizzes, soccer carpools, meetings at school, dogs that need to be walked and a hardworking husband who is rarely home before 8 p.m. My mother died in February after a difficult illness, and still I sometimes wake in the middle of the night in grief and panic. Add to that list a new study to worry about: The stress of my life may be increasing my risk of getting  Alzheimer's disease.
B0007649 Blood cells in a blood vessel
In yet another study linking healthy blood flow to brain health, new research finds that older adults with anemia - low levels of red blood cells - have an increased risk for dementia.
blood pressure2
If you take medications for high blood pressure and need encouragement to stay on them,  here's a great incentive: some meds that lower blood pressure may actually be helping boost brain power.
We all have moments when we wonder if we're losing our minds. Where did I park the car? What was the name of that movie? Is that girl in the store the neighbor's daughter? And most of the time we tell ourselves - and our friends and family - that these mental blips are a normal part of aging.
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