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Many of us still fondly remember talking on the old-fashioned rotary dial phone with the curly cord. At one time, just about every home had one. But when it comes to the new forms of communications and technology, there is a digital divide between old and young that needs swift action. And AARP is…
As a kid growing up in Indianapolis, nothing excited me more than the thought of piling into the family station wagon for a trip to the big city: Chicago. Our favorite destination in the Windy City, hands down, was the Lincoln Park Zoo. There I would gaze in absolute wonderment at Bushman, the…
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About a month ago, I was having dinner with a friend and prodding him about his favorite mobile apps.  After a few minutes of talking about some that he liked the most, he suggested an app developed by kids from our neighborhood.
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As I was plotting & planning my week, I realized that July was quickly coming to an end and August was upon us. You ask, why does that matter? August always comes after July. Well, August is the month that the good Lord brought me into this world and each year it gives me pause to stop and reflect…
Earlier this week, Alejandra asked me if I'd write a post on George Clooney turning 50. You see, I have a well known Clooney-thing. (Whatever, what red blooded American gal doesn't?) So, I took one for the team... scoured *hours* of Clooney footage (have I mentioned I love my job?) and present you…
Now this is one 50+ television anchor we can celebrate. Brian Williams, American anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News, celebrates his 52nd birthday today. As a leading anchor and reporter of the U.S., we want to send him best wishes on this day of his birth. Think he was had those savvy…
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That's right, today the savvy and beautiful American actress turns 52 today. Also check out AARP Magazine's interview with Jamie Lee a couple of years ago where she divulges her thoughts on turning 50 and being comfortable in her own skin. But would we expect any less from her? One highlighted…
Today is the birthday of inventor Nikola Tesla.
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Barbie recently turned 50 and AARP commemorated the occasion.
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