Sleep monitoring device
I have just returned from an all-night study of my sleep habits that should have been called an all-night study of my awake habits, because all during the study there's no getting any sleep.
I feel like an old dog who has been wandering aimlessly through the streets of Los Angeles, and finally, worn and hungry, has decided to come home again, scratching at the door to get in.
Buying dietary supplements online is easy and popular, but using Reumofan, a Mexican product marketed online to relieve arthritis and joint pain, can cause dangerous side effects, including liver injury, internal bleeding, stroke and death, the government warns.
The trusty tourniquet - used since Roman times to stem blood loss - had only a decade ago been dismissed as being risky and ineffective. But when people lay bleeding in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, it was this simple device that helped save lives.
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