Bone density

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The Food and Drug Administration has a message for older men: Just because your testosterone level has dipped as you age doesn’t mean you need to take testosterone replacement drugs. In fact, the drugs could increase your risk of heart problems.
Almost half of American adults take extra vitamin D to help strengthen their bones. But a new study published online today in the  Lancet concludes that for healthy older adults, taking those pills to prevent osteoporosis is simply a waste of money.
Learning new things can increase your openness to experience as you age. And genetics, education and exercise all play a part in keeping the brain sharp. Plus: A new study recommends women whose bone density tests are normal at age 65 wait up to 15 years before having a second test.
Yeah, yeah, we've heard all the prune jokes. Except now we call them dried plums and guess what they can do? They help....your bones!
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