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A new report from the UK finds that when it comes to treating alcohol-related ailments, middle-aged patients cost England's National Health Service 10 times more than younger adults.
The Movie Comedy: "All Together"
Felice Shapiro is a writer, entrepreneur, and publisher as well as the founder of Better After 50, a weekly online magazine. In addition to being a teacher and avid runner, hiker, and yogi, she is an AARP contributor.
A new report finds 20 percent of older adults suffer from mental health or substance abuse problems. With an aging boomer population and a serious shortage of doctors, nurses and other health workers trained in mental health care, "the burden of mental illness and substance abuse disorders in older adults in the United States borders on a crisis," researchers say.
One In Four Getting Divorced Is Over 50: As boomers begin swelling the ranks of 50- and 60-year-olds, they're also driving up the typically-low divorce rate among older adults. The overall divorce rate in the United States has declined over the past two decades, but divorce among those 50 to 65 has spiked. As of 2009, the rate was 12.6 divorces per 1,000 marriages in that set-still low, but up from 6.9 divorces per 1,000 marriages in 1990.
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Stocks plunge. The fear's back. Market mayhem.
CNBC will premiere a 2-hour documentary, "TOM BROKAW REPORTS: BOOMER$!" tomorrow (that's Thursday, March 4th) at 9pm.
Cynthia Ramnarace has a pretty insightful piece on AARP Bulletin from yesterday that talks about how growing demands on workers are making it increasingly harder for caregivers to juggle everything at once.
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